EVU XXVII 2018 – 07 Comparing “of the shelf” equipment for informative version of ISA

Comparing “of the shelf” equipment
for informative version of ISA
Olga Liad, Uzi Raz


Di erent products of di erent manufacturers where installed in 5 vehicles. In some of the vehicle two di erent systems were installed.
All the vehicles were tested on the same road track. Each vehicle covered the track 3 times at di erent hours of the day (including at night and in rain). To determine the ability of the systems to detect the actual road signs (not via a GPS map), some of the road signs were covered with black plastic foils during some of the tests. The system’s alert the driver for each road sign meanings was recorded and evaluated. For comparison an addition of 2 vehicles with GPS system were tested.
The results show the weaknesses and strengths of each system. The research demonstrates when the alerts to the driver are improper. In some cases the driver is alerted in vain, even though no threat is present. In other cases, the system does not alert the driver to dangers lurking “over the horizon”, i.e. not in the system’s field of vision.

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AutoreOlga Liad, Uzi Raz
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