ASAIS – EVU Italia mette a disposizione dei propri Soci gli atti dei convegni oltre ad una serie di banche dati dedicate, articoli specializzati oltre che specifici fogli di lavoro.

Sempre a disposizione dei Soci, grazie ad una convenzione con EVU Europa, vi e’ anche la possibilita’ di scaricare una copia elettronica della rivista IMPACT che ITAI (Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators) pubblica con cadenza quadrimestrale.

A disposizione del pubblico, invece, vi e’ la possibilita’ di leggere gli abstract dei vari articoli.

Titolo documentoAutoreData pubblicazione
I dati e la conoscenza tecnica nel processoIng. Luigi Cipriani18/03/2017
3D Remote Sensing in Accident Scene Reconstruction - EVU XXVII 2018Andre Stuart CEO 21st Century Forensic Animations Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Accident Reconstruction with Data Recorded by Electronic Control Units in Toyota Vehicles with a Pre-Collision System - EVU XXVII 2018Ryo Oga, Kenshiro Kato, Takaaki Terashima, Nobuaki Takubo, Akinori Ishii National Research Institute of Police Science, Japan
Analysis of simulated accident, example of insurance fraud in Romania - EVU XXVII 2018Dr. Eng. Dragoș Sorin Dima1*, Dr. Eng. Dinu Covaciu1, Dr. Eng. Anghel Chiru1 1Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania *Corresponding author; e-mail:
EVU XXVII 2018 - 04 Big Data Analysis – Combining GPS with Traffic Signal Data Logger RecordsDaniel Melcher, P.E., Jay Przybyla, Ph.D., P.E., Kelly Palframan, Ph.D., P.E., Tom Rush, P.E. Focus Forensics
EVU XXVII 2018 - 05 Car to motorcycle collision in an urban intersection: The importance of a CCVT footage in the accident reconstruction processLeonidas Kakalis, Vasilios Tsilikis
EVU XXVII 2018 - 06 Characterization of the Kudlich-Slibar impact parameters for small-overlap crash-testsFrancesco Del Cesta, Andrea Del Cesta, Francesco Frendo, Francesco Bucchi, Niccolò Galeotti Studio Del Cesta (1,2), Dip. di Ingegneria Civile e Industriale - University of Pisa (3,4,5)
EVU XXVII 2018 - 07 Comparing “of the shelf” equipment for informative version of ISAOlga Liad, Uzi Raz
EVU XXVII 2018 - 08 Comparing On-Vehicle Speed with UDS and GPS Data and Analyzing Latency TimesUwe Fürbeth, Armin Kast Kast GmbH
EVU XXVII 2018 - 09 Evaluation of BMW’s central fault memory as a source for accident dataA.C.E. Spek, MSc, K.M. Hagendoorn, BSc, E.J.G. Wisse, BSc, F.C. Hoogendijk, MSc, J.T.E. Rongen, BSc Netherlands Forensic Institute
EVU XXVII 2018 - 10 Evaluation of CDR crash tests1Ing. Peter Vertaľ, Ph.D., 2Ing. Luboš Nouzovský, 3Ing. Michal Frydrýn, Ph.D., 4Doc. Ing. Tomáš Mičunek,Ph.D., 5Ing. Zdeněk Svatý, 6Ing. Eduard Kolla, PhD. 1Institute of forensic research and education University of Zilina, 2Faculty of Transportation Sciences, CTU in Prague, 3Faculty of Transportation Sciences, CTU in Prague, 4Faculty of Transportation Sciences, CTU in Prague, 5Faculty of Transportation Sciences, CTU in Prague, 6Institute of forensic research and education University of Zilina
EVU XXVII 2018 - 11 Evaluation of dash cams as proof of fraudulent loss eventsDr. Michael Weyde, Dipl.-Ing. Björn Kurzke Priester & Weyde
EVU XXVII 2018 - 12 Evaluation of hazard perception skills of young driversDipl.-Ing. Hannes Sappl, M.Eng. Ingenieurbüro Sappl
EVU XXVII 2018 - 13 Identification of the make, model and year of production of the car by comparing the IR spectra of color layers to the IR spectra from the available EUCAP data bases using the KIA softwareVeronika Marinović Forensic Science Centre ,Ivan Vučetić“, Zagreb, Croatia
EVU XXVII 2018 - 14 Influence of Aerodynamic Centre of Pressure Location on Motorcycle Behavior in CrosswindsSander de Goede1, MSc; Wijnand Zwart2, MSc Police Academy of the Netherlands1, HAN University of Applied Sciences – Automotive2
EVU XXVII 2018 - 15 Injury Mitigation Potential of Inflatable Protective Motorcycle JacketsAdam Barrow, Siobhan O’Connell, Phil Martin, David Hynd Transport Research Laboratory Ltd, United Kingdom
EVU XXVII 2018 - 16 Insurance fraud: Fake traffic accidents - staging, detecting and provingBerislav Barišić – Jaman1 , Sanja Krajinović 1 1 Forensic Science Centre “Ivan Vučetić”
EVU XXVII 2018 - 17 Investigating accidents involving highly automated vehicles: Concept of a data trustee and data model for future homologationDipl.-Ing. (FH) Melanie Kreutner, Dr. Christoph Lauterwasser AZT Automotive GmbH Allianz Center for Technology
EVU XXVII 2018 - 18 Is there a need for a psychological re-testing in accident reconstructions to determine realistic driver response times for critical events? A methodological discussionBecker, F. K.; Möhler, W.; Schwalm, M. ika – Institute of Automotive Engineering RWTH Aachen University, Germany
EVU XXVII 2018 - 19 Manipulation of electronic vehicle systemsDr. Ingo Holtkötter Ingenieurbüro Schimmelpfennig + Becke GmbH & Co. KG, Münster, Germany
EVU XXVII 2018 - 20 Non-professional modifications of passenger carsMarko Rešetar1, Goran Pejić1, Goran Zovak1, Zoran Lulić2 1Centre for Vehicles of Croatia, 2Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb
EVU XXVII 2018 - 21 Potential and risks of 3D photogrammetryRandy Stiegler, B.Eng. DEKRA Automobil GmbH
EVU XXVII 2018 - 22 Reconstruction of damage events suspected of manipulation with alleged involvement of animalsDr. Klaus-Dieter Brösdorf
EVU XXVII 2018 - 23 Retrospective and Prospective Analysis of the Effectiveness of Driver Assistance Systems with Increasing Degree of AutomationJohann Gwehenberger, Jürgen Redlich, Marcel Borrack, Christoph Lauterwasser
EVU XXVII 2018 - 24 Roadworthiness of Commercial Vehicles with Mass over 7 500 kg – Results of Roadside InspectionsZoran Lulić1, Goran Pejić2, Goran Zovak2, Tomislav Škreblin2, Krunoslav Ormuž1 1Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, 2Centre for Vehicles of Croatia
EVU XXVII 2018 - 25 Rockfall DamagesDI Dr. Josef Plank SV Plank
EVU XXVII 2018 - 26 The UK’s biggest Insurance Fraud InvestigationChris Goddard BSc CEng MIET Gwent Police
EVU XXVII 2018 - 27 The usage of police recorded accident data for fraud identificationDr. Christian T. Erbsmehl, Dr. Tom Landgraf, Pascal Pfitzner Fraunhofer - Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI
EVU XXVII 2018 - 28 Uncertainties of speed calculations when retrieving data from EDR and Error Codes (DTCs) after crash eventsDr. Tim Hoger, Dr. Ingo Holtkötter Ingenieurbüro Schimmelpfennig + Becke
EVU XXVII 2018 - 29 Usage of point cloud in PC Crash for insurance fraud case1Ing. Peter Vertal, Ph.D., 2Ing. Stanislav Stehel 1Institute of forensic research and education University of Zilina, Slovakia 2Institute of forensic engineering University of Zilina, Slovakia
EVU XXVII 2018 - 30 Using a 3D Point Cloud in the Analysis of CCTV FootageIan White
EVU XXVII 2018 - 31 Vehicle speed loss during impact obstacleLoreta Levulytė, Jerzy Jackowski, Andrzej Dębowski
EVU XXVI 2017 - 01 Advanced Driver Assist Systems: The challenge of a safe implementationIng. Evert Klem*, Ir. Mark Gorter Royal Haskoning DHV Consulting and Engineering, The Netherlands
EVU XXVI 2017 - 02 Warning for vulnerable road user by ADAS vehiclesDr. Peter Vertal1*, Prof. Ing. Gustáv Kasanický, CSc.2 1Institute of Forensic Research and Education, University of Zilina, 2Institute of Forensic Engineering, University of Zilina
EVU XXVI 2017 - 03 Evaluating Collision Prevention Technologies and Autonomous Vehicle FunctionsNicola Hylands*, Adam Barrow, Richard Cuerden, Michael McCarthy Transport Research Laboratory, United Kingdom
EVU XXVI 2017 - 04 Application of vehicle control units as event data recorders in hybrid and electric vehicles (THI-CHARISSMA-DEKRA)Klaus Böhm1*, Alexander Nitsche2, Peter Birke3, Hans-Georg Schweiger2 1DEKRA Automobil GmbH, Germany, 2Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Germany, 3University of Stuttgart, Germany
EVU XXVI 2017 - 05 Accident reconstruction based on data retrieved from vehicle control unitsMichael Katzer, Dipl.-Ing (FH) DEKRA Automobil GmbH, Niederlassung Fulda, Deutschland
EVU XXVI 2017 - 06 Estimating the speed of a car from video imagesBart Hoogeboom, MSc.*, Derk Vrijdag, BSc. Netherlands Forensic Institute, The Netherlands
EVU XXVI 2017 - 07 Use of digital data in investigations of road traffic accidentsRoy Hengeveld1*, BSc, Ewoud J.G. Wisse2, BSc, Maarten van Riel3, Nikolai P.A. Lieshout3 Police Academy of the Netherlands1, Netherlands Forensic Institute2, National Police of the Netherlands3
EVU XXVI 2017 - 08 Using CCTV data in the analysis of real vehicle accidents: a laser scanner approachIng. Francesco Del Cesta1*, P.I. Andrea Del Cesta 1Studio Del Cesta, Italy
EVU XXVI 2017 - 09 Estimation of vehicle speed using video images and laserscanner data in PC-CrashDr. Andreas Moser1*, Dr. Heinz Burg2 1DSD Dr. Steffan Datentechnik GmbH Linz, Austria, 2IbB Accident Reconstruction Burgen, Germany
EVU XXVI 2017 - 10 Investigation on cyclists turning into a main road from a stop position: crossing and left turning timesDr. Antonio Pietrini, Francesco Balzaretti, Dr. Virginio Rivano Member of ASAIS-EVU Italia (Italian country group of EVU)
EVU XXVI 2017 - 11 Bicycle motion parametersDr. Piotr 􀃤wider1*, Ziemowit Gibczynski1, Michal Jakusz-Gostomski1, Dr. Jakub Zebala2 1Cracow University of Technology, Poland, 2Institute of Forensic Research in Cracow, Poland
EVU XXVI 2017 - 12 Blind spot for bicycles performing a left turnDipl.-Ing. Walter Niewöhner*, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefanie Ritter DEKRA Automobil GmbH, Germany
EVU XXVI 2017 - 13 Design of a crash-test dummy suspension device adapted for crash tests with bicyclesDipl.-Ing. Roy Strzeletz*, Sascha Koch, B.Sc, Dennis Ramón Lahmer, B.Sc., Daniel Müller, B.Sc. Unfallanalyse Berlin GbR, Germany
EVU XXVI 2017 - 14 Vulnerable road users. Numerical and Experimental Reconstruction of Cyclist Accidents in Urban AreasDr. Benedetta Arosio1*, Prof. Dr. Ing. Marco Anghileri1 1La.S.T. Laboratory, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
EVU XXVI 2017 - 15 Study of vehicle speed estimation in traffic accidents related to a scooter type wheelchair with multibody simulationDr. Ryo Oga1*, Prof. Dr. Hermann Steffan2, Prof. Dr. Tetsuo Maki3 1Research Institute of Police Science, Japan, 2Graz University of Technology, Austria, 3Tokyo City University, Japan
EVU XXVI 2017 - 16 Optimization of multibody system for cyclists in PC-CrashDipl.-Ing. Björn Kurzke*, Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Michael Weyde Priester & Weyde, Germany
EVU XXVI 2017 - 17 Generating and validating multibody simulation models of e-bikes for PC-Crash  Martin Urban1*, Felix Dauer2, Dr.-Ing. Christian Erbsmehl1 1Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI , 2Robert Bosch GmbH Automotive Electronics, System Architecture and Simulation
EVU XXVI 2017 - 18 Findings from 35 years of coopearation in bicycle accident researchDipl.-Ing. Thomas Eichholzer1*, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefanie Ritter² 1AXA Versicherungen AG, Switzerland, 2DEKRA Automobil GmbH, Germany
EVU XXVI 2017 - 19 Reconstruction of car to pedestrian and car to bicycle accidents using crash testsKarlon M. Hagendoorn, BSc*, Ewoud J.G. Wisse, BSc, Aart C.E. Spek, MSc Netherlands Forensic Institute, The Netherlands
EVU XXVI 2017 - 20 Motion Analysis of Occupants in Oblique Frontal CollisionsKalthoff, W.1*, Becke, M.1, Wagner, H.2, Boström, K.2*, de Lussanet, M. 2, Mühlbeier, A.2, Hein, M.3*, Bührmann, R.4, Castro, W.H.M. 5
EVU XXVI 2017 - 21 Why should we use radiology for the examination of deceased road traffic victims?I.I.H Haest1*, LL.M J. Kroll1, J. van der Goes2, Prof. dr. P.A.M Hofman1 1Department of Radiology, Maastricht University Medical Center, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2Dutch Police, Region Limburg, Maastricht, The Netherlands
EVU XXVI 2017 - 22 Correlation “impact velocity-specific pedestrian injuries” for reconstruction of pedestrian accidentsDr. Ing. Eduard Kolla1*, Dipl. Ing. Tomáš Korbe􀃍2, Dipl. Ing. Ladislav Imrich1, Dr.Ing. Tibor Kubjatko1, Dr. Lenka Mackovi􀂫ová1 1University of 􀁾ilina, Slovakia, 2SLOVDEKRA, Slovakia
EVU XXVI 2017 - 23 Interdisciplinary further development of an optimised anthropomorphic pedestrian surrogate for full-scale crash testsPD Dr. med. Sven Hartwig1, Mirko Knape2, Andreas Kunze2, Dr. Michael Weyde2* 1Institute for Forensic Medicine, Charité Berlin, Germany, 2Priester & Weyde, Germany
EVU XXVI 2017 - 24 Trace evidence in traffic accident investigationsDr. Jaap van der Weerd* and Karlon M. Hagendoorn, BSc Netherlands Forensic Institute, The Hague, The Netherlands
EVU XXVI 2017 - 25 How to manage data from video, possibilities of reconstruction, error estimationng. Drago􀃨 Sorin Dima*, Dr. Eng. Dinu Covaciu Transilvania University of Bra􀃨ov, Romania
EVU XXVI 2017 - 26 Study of energy absorbed by bicycles in frontal collisions at speeds of 20 to 35 km/hIng. Michael Schrammel, MEng. Master thesis "Traffic Accident Research" study course, Graz University, Institute of Technology
EVU XXVI 2017 - 27 Collaborative study on the estimation of EES-valuesAart Spek, MSc Netherlands Forensic Institute, on behalf of EVU-Netherlands
EVU XXVI 2017 - 28 Pedestrian Detection with Halogen, Xenon and LED Headlights: The Light Scattering EffectDipl.-Phys. Annika Kortmann1*, Dr. rer. nat. Tim Hoger1 1Ing.-Büro Schimmelpfennig + Becke, Germany
EVU XXVI 2017 - 29 Photometric investigation using a standard digital camera - Comparative studies on accuracyRoman Stärk *, Michael Krieg, Danijel Cakeljic DEKRA Automobil GmbH, Germany
EVU XXVI 2017 - 30 Implementation of vehicle movement tests in simulation software and its application in accident analysisDI Michael Plank1*, MEng, Dr. Andreas Moser2 1SV Plank, Austria, 2DSD, Austria
EVU XXVI 2017 - 31 Competencies of Road accident expertsLina Lazarenko 1*, Wojciech Wach 2 1 Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania, 2 Institute of Forensic Research, Poland
EVU XXV 2016 - 01 Rebound factor methodBecke, M.
EVU XXV 2016 - 02 Impulse-Momentum Analysis of Multibody Vehicle-Pedestrian Collision SimulationsRaymond M. Brach University of Notre Dame, USA
EVU XXV 2016 - 03 Experience with Data Readout from the Event Data Recorder (EDR)Heinz Burg
EVU XXV 2016 - 04 Exploiting image-based colorization of point-clouds in vehicle accident reconstruction: methodologies and reliabilityAndrea Del Cesta, Francesco Del Cesta Studio Del Cesta
EVU XXV 2016 - 05 Use of MEMS sensors for data acquisition in crash testsDragos Sorin Dima, Dinu Covaciu Transilvania University of Brasov
EVU XXV 2016 - 06 Traffic accidents on junctions controlled by traffic lightsIgor Dirnbach, Tibor Kubjatko University of Žilina, IFRE Ján Ondruš University of Žilina, PEDAS
EVU XXV 2016 - 07 MoProVe – A Probe Vehicle for Traffic Accident ResearchHorst Ecker Vienna University of Technology (TU-Wien) Peter Saleh Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)
EVU XXV 2016 - 08 FAPS- Fraunhofer-IVI-Accident Prevention-School A new method to increase the overall traffic safety by using real accident data and expert evidenceChristian T. Erbsmehl, Tom Landgraf, Martin Urban Frauhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems Steffen Laskosky PHK Steffen Laskosky state police of Saxony
EVU XXV 2016 - 09 Event Data Recorder (EDR) for Automated DrivingAndreas Forster, Christian Kuhrt, Bardo Peters Continental, Division Chassis & Safety Business Unit Passive Safety & Sensorics
EVU XXV 2016 - 10 Reconstruction of sliding collisions by calculating partial collisionWerner Gratzer, Peter Harald Reif DWG – Analyzer Pro
EVU XXV 2016 - 11 Evaluation of a common practice – to calculate speed from EDR-reported RPMKarlon Hagendoorn, Aart Spek, Ewoud Wisse Accident Reconstruction Team within the Digital Technology Department of the Netherlands Forensic Institute
EVU XXV 2016 - 12 Preventing accidents between right turning lorries and unprotected road usersFabian Hayo, Michael Weyde, Stefan Schulz
EVU XXV 2016 - 13 Influence of bad balancing front wheel on steering system and car body vibrationsRobert Janczur Cracov University of Technology
EVU XXV 2016 - 14 The HU adapter in accident analysisMichael Katzer, Matthias Thelen, Lukas Betschart DEKRA Automobil GmbH
EVU XXV 2016 - 15 Deceleration of current generation of road vehicles during intensive braking and conditionality of accident quantities with respect to this parameterPavol Kohút University of Žilina, IFRE Rastislav Jurina Expertgroup Ján Ondruš University of Žilina, PEDAS
EVU XXV 2016 - 16 Pedestrian Injuries as a Parameter for Impact Velocity Estimation in Car - Pedestrian Accidents 0Eduard Kolla University of Žilina Michael Weyde, Adrian Pupala, Miroslav Skácel, Pavol Kohút, Igor Dirnbach, Karol Köteleš, Ladislav Imrich
EVU XXV 2016 - 17 Effects Of High Voltage Electric For The VehicleAleksander Kuranowski Kraków University of Technology, IFR Jan Unarski IFR
EVU XXV 2016 - 18 The detection of the presence of pedestrians in blind spot of truck driversAleksander Kuranowski Kraków University of Technology, IFR Jan Unarski IFR M. Kowal Kraków University of Technology
EVU XXV 2016 - 19 Basics and Features of Vehicle DynamicsLugner P. Institute of Mechanics and Mechatronics, TU Vienna
EVU XXV 2016 - 20 Validation of the Finite Element vehicle models in PC-Crash 11.0Andreas Moser DSD Linz - Austria Hermann Steffan VSI Graz – Austria
EVU XXV 2016 - 21 Braking – Steering Conflict of ADAS systemsWalter Niewöhner DEKRA Automobil GmbH, Accident Research
EVU XXV 2016 - 22 Finding the reasons of wrong-way driving through gaze analysesUniv.Prof. DI Dr. Ernst Pfleger Chairman EVU- Österreich
EVU XXV 2016 - 23 Major components of the energy balance in the process of a motorcycle impact against a motor car sideLeon Prochowski, Tomasz Pusty, Karol Zielonka Military University of Technology, Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT)
EVU XXV 2016 - 24 Numerical Methods for Vulnerable Road Users Safety EnhancementMariusz Ptak Wrocław University of Technology Eduard Kolla University of Žilina, IFRE
EVU XXV 2016 - 25 Children car seats – legal implications of a use / miss use due to a car accidentMiri Schiller
EVU XXV 2016 - 26 Analytical determination of threat detection points at cross traffic and peripheral objectsMatthias Schmidt
EVU XXV 2016 - 27 Using CDR in an actual vehicle accident reconstruction case: data validation, exploitation and comparison with respect to the PC-Crash approach.Mattia Sillo, David Cami EPTAR-euDarts Francesco Del Cesta Studio Del Cesta
EVU XXV 2016 - 28 Contributory Factors: A Case StudyPeter J Sippitt MBE Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators
EVU XXV 2016 - 29 Unravelling the VAG crash recorderAart Spek, Karlon Hagendoorn, Ewoud Wisse Accident Reconstruction Team within the Digital Technology Department of the Netherlands Forensic Institute
EVU XXV 2016 - 30 Photogrammetry-Based Models of Accident SitesZdeněk Svatý CTU in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Department of Forensic Experts in Transportation,
EVU XXV 2016 - 31 Comparison of activation of pedestrian detection system in Subaru Outback and Volvo V40CCPeter Vertaľ, Gustáv Kasanický, Tibor Kubjatko University of Žilina Hermann Steffan DSD Dr. Steffan Datentechnik
EVU XXV 2016 - 32 Indeterminate results of time-distance calculations and their statistical interpretationWojciech Wach Institute of Forensic Research, Kraków
EVU XXV 2016 - 33 Possibilities and boundaries in analyzing vehicle sensor systems for the purpose of accident reconstructionTobias Weißert-Hartmann, Michael Weyde, Björn Kurzke
EVU XXV 2016 - 34 Dynamic Response in Low Speed Rear Impacts and Inferences for Injury PotentialDenis P. Wood, Colin Glynn, Naoya Nishimura, Ciaran Simms
EVU XXV 2016 -35 Crash Behaviour and the Accuracy of EDR RecordingStefan Zuber, Alain Florin EVU Switzerland
EVU XXIV 2015-01 Knight & Avery - Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB): Fitment, Performance, and Implications for Accident InvestigationIain Knight - Matthew Avery
EVU XXIV 2015-02 Holtkoetter - Investigation of ESC-interventions during braking and skidding processes, skid marks and signal manipulationIngo Holtkötter
EVU XXIV 2015-03 Moser - Simulation of active safety systems (ADAS) in PC-CrashAndreas Moser - Hermann Steffan
EVU XXIV 2015-04 Gwehenberger Borrack - Influence of Driver Assistance Systems on Insurance ClaimsJohann Gwehenberger - Marcel Borrack
EVU XXIV 2015-05 Vertal - Evaluation of the effectiveness of Volvo’s pedestrian detection system based on selected real-life fatal pedestrian accidentsPeter Vertal
EVU XXIV 2015-06 Arnold - Rollover accidents with articulated heavy goods vehiclesJoerg Arnold
EVU XXIV 2015-07 Steinmetz - Current status on the safety of coachesGregor Steinmetz
EVU XXIV 2015-08 Kalthoff - Motion analysis of occupants in side collisionsKalthoff, W.; Becke, M.; Castro, C.J.G.; Hein, H. Gorny, L.; Wagner, H.; Castro, W.H.M.
EVU XXIV 2015-09 Glynn & Wood - Pedestrian Speed from Vehicle DamageColin Glynn - Denis P. Wood
EVU XXIV 2015-10 Melcher et al - Photogrammatic Reconstruction methodology and engineering validation for video-captured pedestrian collisionsDaniel J. Melcher, Thomas N. Rush, Jay J. Przybyla, Rachel E. Keller, and Paul E. Montalbano
EVU XXIV 2015-11 Goddard - The Behaviour of Instrument Clusters during High-Speed Crash TestingChristopher Goddard David Price
EVU XXIV 2015-12 Kolla - Virtual human body model for PC-CrashEduard Kolla - Pavol Kohút
EVU XXIV 2015-13 Windisch - Analysing the moving speeds of 2 to 3 year old children – New resultsMartin Windisch - Ercan Senatli
EVU XXIV 2015-14 Dynamic Testing of Bicycle Helmets in order to Forensically Validate or Invalidate Alleged Real-World Vehicle- Cyclist CollisionsTia Gaffney, Nikola Josevski, Andreas Sandvik, Blake Winter, Shane Richardson
EVU XXIV 2015-15 Examination of the impact of using a helmet while cycling on compensation of risks by overtaking vehicle driversDennis Ramón Lahmer - Markus Winninghoff - Hansjörg Leser
EVU XXIV 2015-16 Assessment of using GPS receivers and INS devices to test the dynamic performances of vehiclesDragoş Sorin Dima Dinu Covaciu
EVU XXIV 2015-17 The Current Status of EDR Accessible Vehicles within the European UnionBrad Muir
EVU XXIV 2015-18 Event data recorder use in Canadian criminal & civil collision reconstructionTyler Haladuick, Tyler Dyck, Steve MacInnis Colin Foster, Darrell Chapman
EVU XXIV 2015-19 UDS-AT 3D Accident Data RecorderArmin Kast - Keith Lloyd
EVU XXIV 2015-20 Normal Lane Change Manoeuvres on Motorways and Dual CarriagewaysIan White
EVU XXIV 2015-21 Calculating Vehicle Speed from Yaw Mark AnalysisStephen Cash - Mark Crouch
EVU XXIV 2015 - 22 Analysis of yaw marks deposited by the car’s wheel with nominal and zero tyre pressureJakub Zębala, Wojciech Wach, Piotr Ciępka, Robert Janczur
EVU XXIV 2015 - 23 Tyre contact traces – current development status for the evaluationKlaus-Dieter Brösdorf - Andreas Moser
EVU XXIV 2015 - 24 Influence of Misuse in Tyres on Driving Dynamics During Emergency BrakingOlga Nikolsky Liad, Avner Rosengarten, Uzi Raz
EVU XXIV 2015 - 25 EU Tyre Label Regulation No. 1235/2011, and its Influence on Road Traffic Safety due to Tyre Wet Grip SpecificationSigmar Micke, László Palkovics Hermann Steffan, Egon-Christian von Glasner
EVU XXIV 2015 - 26 Viewing behaviour as an accident cause – typical potential risks for pedestriansErnst Pfleger
EVU XXIV 2015 - 27 Visibility of obstacles at night – selected elementsJan Unarski Wojciech Wach Piotr Ciępka
EVU XXIV 2015 - 28 Analytic determination of the hazard recognition point of a moving obstacle by the change of the visual angleWerner Gratzer - Matthias Schmidt
EVU XXIV 2015 - 29 Characteristics of Accidents with elderly versus young Pedestrians in GermanyDietmar Otte Thorsten Facius Michael Jänsch
EVU XXIV 2015 - 30 Security measures in the streetscape: Stopping vehicles the hard wayUK Government Security Advisor
EVU XXIV 2015 - 31 Testing of crash barriers and the accident analysis information arising therefromPeter Schimmelpfennig
EVU XXIV 2015 - 32 The use of LSDYNA to predict roadside safety equipment behavior: a useful complementary tool to PC-Crash Joseph Marra - Dario Guarino
EVU XXIV 2015-33 LS-Dyna and PC-Crash Finite Element Simulations of 3 vehicle types lateral side impacts into polesShane Richardson, Andreas Moser, Roger Zou and Tia Gaffney
EVU XXIII 2014-01 Joined force investigation of accidents in DenmarkMette Fynbo, M.Sc. Traffic Planning, Road Directorate
EVU XXIII 2014-02 The current international tyre regulations cause road accidentsJ. Ahlgrimm (D), H. Burg (D), G. Kasanicky (SK), S. Micke (D), S. Schal (D), H. Steffan (A) and E.C. von Glasner (D)
EVU XXIII 2014-03 Development of an underride prevention system for articulated lorry trailers compatible with both trailer and lorryPeter Schimmelpfennig, M.Sc. (Engineering)
EVU XXIII 2014-04 Lkw-Pkw Auffahr Crashtest mit HochgeschwindigkeitDr.-Ing. Gyula Köfalvi, Dipl.Ing. Antal Mayer, Dipl.Ing. Laszlo Suvoltos, Dipl.-Ing. Marton Bell /IbK Crash Center Laboratories Budapest/Gödöll
EVU XXIII 2014-05 Accident Occurrence and General Benefit Potential of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Heavy Goods Vehicle - sAlexander Berg1,4, Kay Morschheuser2,4, Dr. Stefan Guserle3,4 1DEKRA Automobil GmbH, Stuttgart, 2Daimler AG, Stuttgart, 3MAN Truck&Bus AG, Munich, 4FAT AK22, Berlin
EVU XXIII 2014-06 A manufacturer's analysis of accidents involving commercial vehicles and the insights derived from thatKay Morschheuser, Daimler AG
EVU XXIII 2014-07 Road safety enhancing Driver Assistance Systems for commercial vehicles - from the aspect of European RegulationsErwin Petersen German Road Safety Association of Lower Saxony, Hannover
EVU XXIII 2014-08 Event Data Recorder – Definition, General Status, Requirements, Benefit/Cost AssessmentErwin Petersen German Road Safety Association of Lower Saxony
EVU XXIII 2014-09 (Event-) Data recording in commercial trailersDipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Katzer Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Patrick Reich Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefan Böckmann
EVU XXIII 2014-10 Determination of the total deformation energy of two vehicles involved in an accident on the basis of simplified forcedisplacement characteristics using crash test dataManfred Becke - Severin Schlottbom
EVU XXIII 2014-11 Photogrammetry 3D vehicle reconstruction for energy loss evaluationDario Vangi*, Filippo Begani*, Roberto Toldo**, Andrea Fusiello** * University of Florence - ** 3Dflow
EVU XXIII 2014-12 Dynamics of running up trucks and buses – tests and simulationsRobert Janczur, Cracow University of Technology, Piotr Swider, Institute of Forensic Research
EVU XXIII 2014-13 Blind-spots and the investigation of truck driver’s visibility conditionsHorst Ecker (1) Helmut Lindl (2) (1) Vienna University of Technology, (2) SV-Büro Lindl
EVU XXIII 2014-14 Influence of HGV-mirrors‘ curvature on drivers‘ response-timeHansjörg Lese Markus Winninghoff  Unfallanalyse Berlin
EVU XXIII 2014-15 COMPARATIVE TRAFFIC SAFETY STUDY OF THE TUNNEL NICHE WALL PROTECTION BY MEANS OF STEEL SAFETY RAILING (SSR) OR CRASH CUSHIONRobert Kunc, Senad Omerovic, Miha Ambrož and Ivan Prebil University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovenia
EVU XXIII 2014-16 The development of standardized safety requirements for ballast-fastening devices in testing trucksAdrià Ferrer, Alberto Martínez, Jaume Compte Applus+ IDIADA
EVU XXIII 2014-17 Tachograph investigationsWim Berends National Police The Netherlands
EVU XXIII 2014-18 Smart Digital Tachograph New Council Regulation (EEC) No 165/2014Armin Kast, Klaus Reusch Kast GmbH
EVU XXIII 2014-19 The new multibody model in PC-Crash – Simulation and validation of single track VehiclesDr. Andreas Moser, Dr. Hermann Steffan DSD Linz - Austria, VSI Graz - Austria
EVU XXIII 2014-20 Collision Speed from Individual Vehicle Deformation in Motorcycle to Car CollisionsColin Glynn Denis Wood Denis Wood Associates, Dublin, Ireland
EVU XXIII 2014-21 Pedelecs (pedal electric cycles) – Legal principles, technical properties, acceleration and brake tests of a rapidly growing group of road usersDipl.-Ing. Hendrik Fische Ingenieurburo Schal & Meyer Lubeck; Germany
EVU XXIII 2014-22 Automated crash computation of passenger car accidents based on the GIDAS databaseMichael Wagner, Lars Hannawald, Henrik Liers Institute for Traffic Accident Research - University of Technology Dresden
EVU XXIII 2014-23 Modern Scanning Technologies for Vehicular Accident ReconstructionP.I. Andrea Del Cesta, Ing. Francesco Del Cesta Studio Ingegneristico Del Cesta
EVU XXIII 2014-24 Different methods to validate the speed in accidents between truck and carDragos Sorin DIMA Transilvania University of Brasov
EVU XXIII 2014-25 Calculation of movement of the MPV vehicle and the pedestrian based on the crash testsGustáv Kasanický – Pavol Kohút Institute of Forensic Engineering University of Zilina
EVU XXIII 2014-26 Pedestrian Impact on Low Friction SurfaceGreg Sullenberger Institute of Police Technology and Management, University of North Florida
EVU XXIII 2014-27 Establishing the pedestrian’s speed or movement using the interpretation of impact marks remained on the vehicleGabriel Paduraru, National Insti tute of Forensic Expertise, Bucharest Romania, district Laboratory of Iasi
EVU XXIII 2014-28 New development of front and rear ends of actual carsRaphael Murri DTC Dynamic Test Center AG, head of passive safety Coauthors: Bernhard Gerster, COO DTC Dynamic Test Center AG Dr. med. Bruno Soltermann, Swiss Insurance Association (SIA) Dr. Markus H. Muser, COO AGU Zürich - Thomas Eichholzer, AXA Winterthur Thomas Keusch, Zurich Insurance - Luciano Martelozo, Allianz
EVU XXIII 2014-29 Analysis of potential accident scenarios of a future electrical city car on the basis of real accident dataDr. L. Hannawald, H. Liers Institute of Traffic Accident Research at University of technology Dresden
EVU XXIII 2014-30 Possibilities of integrating modern measuring techniques in the reconstruction of traffic accidentsD. Bulka, M. Marciniak, S. Wolak, Cybid Sp.j. (Ltd), AGH University
EVU XXIII 2014-31 The effect of highway shoulders on the involvement of trucks and buses in road accidentsNetzer J., Schiller M., Raz U The Israeli college for security and investigation Petach-Tikva, Israel
EVU XXII 2013-01 Analisi sperimentale del moto post-incidente dei motociclistiDario Vangi (Università di Firenze) Antonio Virga (Università di Firenze) Jarno Zaffelli (Dromo - Applied Italian Circuit Design)
EVU XXII 2013–02 Analisi sperimetale sul moto di scarrocciamento dei motocicliDario Vangi, FilippoBegani, Carlo Cialdai, Antonio Virga Università di Firenze
EVU XXII 2013-03 Decelerazioni di scooter leggeri (50cc / ±60 - 100 kg) in scivolamento a terraJan Meuwissen  Joos Spätjens  MVOA
EVU XXII 2013-04 Urto moto-auto: Valutazione della perdita di energia e della velocità relativa di impattoDario Vangi, Filipo Begani, Carlo Cialdai, Antonio Virga - Università di Firenze
EVU XXII 2013-05 Sull’angolo di inclinazione dei motocicli in percorrenza di una curvaChristian Hädrich Wolfgang Hugemann
EVU XXII 2013-06 Perdita di velocità durante lo “stoppie” di un motocicloRoy Strzeletz, Wolfgang Hugemann
EVU XXII 2013–07 Confronto di simulazioni al computer e dinamica rotazionale per urti con motocicliCharles O. Funk, Ph.D., P.E. Christian R. Sax, P.E., PTOE Armstrong Forensic Engineers
EVU XXII 2013–08 Uso delle simulazioni al computer nell’analisi degli incidenti stradali con motocicliSenad Omerovic, dr. Simon Krašna, Ana Trajkovski, prof. dr. Ivan Prebil University of Ljubljana
EVU XXII 2013-09 Determinazione della distanza di visibilità sulla base delle misure del sistema LMKJan Unarski, Wojciech Wach, Piotr Ciepka Institute of Forensic Research, Kraków, Poland
EVU XXII 2013-10 Analisi al simulatore di guida del comportamento dei guidatori in gallerie con ostacolLorenzo Domenichini, Francesca La Torre, Dario Vangi, Valentina Branzi, Carlo Cialdai, Monica Meocci, Antonio Virga University of Florence
EVU XXII 2013-11 Detezione di rischi in contesti di guida e tempi di frenataCiceri M., Ruscio D., Confalonieri F. (Catholic University of Milan) Vangi D., Virga A. (University of Florence)
EVU XXII 2013-12 Analisi del comportamento di guida dei conducenti nell’oltrepassare un moderno attraversamento pedonaleRobert Kledus , Marek Semela ,Pavel Maxera , Martin Kunovský (Institute of Forensic Engineering VUT Brno)
EVU XXII 2013-13 Acquisizione ed elaborazione di dati da prove di crash condotte dall'Istituto di Ingegneria Forense dell'Università di ŽilinaGustáv Kasanický - Pavol Kohút Institute of Forensic Engineering Univerzity of Zilina
EVU XXII 2013-14 Accelerazione del veicolo e durata dell’urto: analisi dei dati di un “data recorder”Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Marvin Lammert Dipl.-Ing. Armin Kast Kast GmbH
EVU XXII 2013–15 L'utilizzo di Smartphone per la registrazione di eventi critici e di incidenti stradali nella loro evoluzioneDr. Lars Hannawald Mario Marschner Henrik Liers Verkehrsunfallforschung an der TU Dresden Germany
EVU XXII 2013–16 Il modulo di calcolo agli elementi finiti in PC-CRASH 10.0: applicazioni del calcolo FEM nelle ricostruzioni degli incidenti stradaliDr. Andreas Moser, Dr. Hermann Steffan, Dr. Iztok Ciglaric DSD Linz - Austria, VSI Graz - Austria
EVU XXII 2013-17 Manovra di evitabilità di un ostacolo in un autoveicolo avente una ridotta o nulla pressione dei pneumaticiJakub Zebala, Wojciech Wach, Piotr Ciepka - Institute of Forensic Research, Kraków Poland Robert Janczur - Cracow University of Technology, Poland
EVU XXII 2013-18 Il progetto TACOT: verso un sistema GNSS affidabileSteeve FAVRE -  FDC Ralf-Roland Schmidt-Cotta Continental
EVU XXII 2013–19 Ricostruzione di un incidente stradale tra un Hummer che progede ad alta velocità e una Nissan in procinto di svolta utilizzando uno speciale crashtest condotto con veicoli identiciManfred Becke Joost Wolbers
EVU XXII 2013–20 Test della visuale su motociclisti esperti e non esperti come base per ulteriori misure di sicurezza stradaleUniv.Prof. DI Dr. Ernst PFLEGER
EVU XXII 2013-21 Ribaltamento di Mountain Bikes dotate di freni a disco e sospensioniChristian Hittinger München/Deutschland
EVU XXII 2013-22 Variazione del coefficiente di attrito degli pneumatici delle biciclette su diversi tipi di superfici stradali asciutte e bagnateDaniel J. Melcher, P.E. Christian R. Sax, P.E., PTOE Rachel E. Keller, P.E. Armstrong Forensic Engineers
EVU XXII 2013-23 Simulazioni e analisi del ribaltamento di quad tramite PC-CRASH per la valutazione di sistemi di sicurezza alternativiShane Richardson, Andreas Sandvik, Chris Jones, Tia Orton, Nikola Josevski, Wei Pei (Tandy) Pok e Thomas Emmett Delta-vExperts, Australia
EVU XXII 2013-24 Proprietà di riflessione di luce in materiali selezionatiAlbert Bradác, Jan Schejbal, Arnošt Kure, Jakub Motl, Michal Belák, Martin Bilík, Marek Semela Institute of Forensic Engineering, Brno University of Technology Jan Škoda, Stanislav Sumec Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Brno University of Technology
EVU XXII 2013-25 Risposta del conducente all’intrusione notturna di un oggetto in carreggiataJohn M. Grindey, Christopher D. Armstrong, Stein E. Husher, John C. Steiner, Michael S. Varat, KEVA Engineering, LLC Camarillo, California, USA
EVU XXII 2013-26 Presa in conto del Fattore Umano nelle indagini sugli incidenti stradaliDr. Sibylle Birth Intelligenz System Transfer GmbH – D Prof. Lorenzo Domenichini University of Firenze – IT
EVU XXII 2013-27 Analisi sui tachimetri e sui criteri da tenere presenti prima di accettare letture di velocità rimaste ‘congelate’ e altre tracceChristopher Goddard (BSc IEng MIET) David Price (B.Tech MITAI)
EVU XXII 2013–28 Attività muscolare nella guida reale e nei test di tamponamento a bassa velocitàCarlo Cialdai, Dario Vangi, Antonio Virga Università di Firenze
EVU XXII 2013-29 Urti con alberi al lato della strada: solo un problema tedesco?Alexander Berg, Jörg Ahlgrimm, Stephan Schlosser DEKRA Automobil GmbH, Stuttgart, Germania Prof. Dr. Hermann Steffan Technical University of Graz, Graz, Austria01/04/2019
EVU XXII 2013–30 L’importanza dei sistemi di controllo attivo nella prevenzione degli incidentiDr. Kakalis Leonidas Dr.Sabbioni Edoardo, Prof. Cheli Federico02/04/2019
EVU XXII 2013-31 Incidenti causati da problemi elettroniciUzi Raz03/04/2019