EVU XXIV 2015-19 UDS-AT 3D Accident Data Recorder

3D Accident Data Recorder
Armin Kast
Keith Lloyd


After more than 80,000 units, the Accident Data Recorder 2.0 of Continental AG is now no
longer available. With the UDS-AT a successor is ready. The UDS-AT provides in sensing
and connectivity significantly more than the UDS 2.0. The presentation gives an insight
into the new measuring system and compares the difference between the real measured
data from the two different systems. A special emphasis will be given to the introduction of
the 3rd dimension. In addition, the paper also shows the unique possibilities that arise
from the direct measurement of the angular velocity. Another focus is the discussion of
specifics when the device is connected to a CAN node.

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AutoreArmin Kast - Keith Lloyd
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