EVU XXIV 2015-17 The Current Status of EDR Accessible Vehicles within the European Union

The Current Status of EDR Accessible Vehicles
within the European Union
Brad Muir


In recent years automotive manufacturers have begun to include Event Data Recorders
(EDR) as part of the vehicles electronic systems. These EDR components have not been
installed as stand-alone components, but instead have been integrated into existing
vehicle electronic modules. The majority of these EDRs reside in the airbag control
module (ACM). Some have included the EDR component in other vehicle systems; such
as: the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Rollover Sensor (ROS) and recently the
Pedestrian Protection Module (PPM). The incopration of EDR technology into modern
vehicles began as voluntary installation, but recent laws in the United States have seen
the number of manufacturer installed EDR grow to nearly complete coverage across all
manufacturers. This proliferation of EDR primarily within the ACM means the potential
availability of EDR data in other markets including the European Union (EU).
The means to access th EDR data has been primarily through the use of the Bosch Crash
Data Retrieval System (CDR System). There are currently 16 vehicle brands with
coverage under the CDR System to access EDR data primarily in the United States. Most
of these vehicles are also accessible with EDR data available in Canada. A small, but
growing number of these vehicles are accessible in the EU. The Bosch CDR System is
not the only equipment available, as several manufacturers have their own proprietary
equipment for retrieval of EDR data;such as: Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Jaguar
/ Landrover.

Testing has shown in addition to those vehicles specifically listed as supported by the
CDR system, other vehicles are recording and have accessible EDR data within the EU.
Data retrieved using the Bosch CDR System, and the Hyundai / Kia system will be
discussed. Additional tools and other resources available will also be referenced.
In part, International coverage may be attributed to the trend amongst automakers to
develop and manufacture world-wide platforms and product offerings.

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