EVU XXIII 2014-24 Different methods to validate the speed in accidents between truck and car

Dragos Sorin DIMA

Transilvania University of Brasov


In many cases we have to estimate  the speed of the vehicles involved in an accident. The aim of this  paper is to make a brief presentation of some cases solved on the question of speed and dynamics using different methods and presenting  the estimated error obtained. So in the paper it will  be taken into account  the indication of tachograph diagram with pros and cons, assuming that this indication  in only informative as far as the tachograf is not specially designed as an accident recording device. In the paper it will be included the reconstruction of the accident using PC Crash features in optimization method to reduce the error regarding the trajectory and rest position. For validation of this analysis  we will provide also a video record from a high resolution surveillance camera versus the simulation of the accident.

AutoreDragos Sorin DIMA Transilvania University of Brasov
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