EVU XXIII 2014-11 Photogrammetry 3D vehicle reconstruction for energy loss evaluation

Dario Vangi*, Filippo Begani*, Roberto Toldo**, Andrea Fusiello** *

University of Florence – **



Kinetic energy loss during a collision between vehicles represents an essential parameter for road accident reconstruction; by using such value together with energy and momentum conservation laws, it is possible the evaluation of the main kinematic parameters, such as pre-collision velocity, velocity change and relative velocity. The aim of this work is the development of a computer software for the automatic estimation of the fraction of kinetic energy dissipated in deformation of the vehicles involved in a road accident, as well as for the calculation of the kinematic parameters.

This is obtained by means of two different software routines, working in sequence: the first uses an advanced photogrammetric procedure, able of building a 3D model of the vehicle by using a points cloud, starting from series of pictures taken with a generic photo camera, without using calibrated objectives or reference devices. The 3D model is then sliced at a reference height (corresponding to the bumper or to the chassis), thus obtaining a bi-dimensional outline of the vehicle, and in particular of the deformed area. The second routine is designed to compare the bidimensional outline, obtained by sectioning the 3D model, to the outline of the undeformed vehicle, contained in a database. Then the energy loss calculation is carried out automatically. Besides such routine allows, if pictures of both vehicles involved are available, the determination of kinematic parameters, such as velocity change of both vehicles, relative impact velocity and the estimation of the relative impact positions.

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AutoreDario Vangi*, Filippo Begani*, Roberto Toldo**, Andrea Fusiello** * University of Florence - ** 3Dflow
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