EVU XXIII 2014-10 Determination of the total deformation energy of two vehicles involved in an accident on the basis of simplified forcedisplacement characteristics using crash test data

Manfred Becke
Severin Schlottbom


Various tests with experts illustrate that estimating EES values without referring to crash test data lead to a large bandwidth of results.

Even if crash test results for individual vehicles are consulted this does not necessarily mean that these data can be directly transferred to the vehicles involved in a specific accident. Rather, one has to bear in mind Newton´s law “actio = reactio”.

This talk demonstrates a method of determining the total deformation energy of both vehicles taking into account identical peak forces and two simplified force-displacement characteristics based on crash test data. This procedure is particularly useful in the case of considerable differences in vehicle stiffness, i. e. involvement of off-road and commercial vehicles.

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AutoreManfred Becke - Severin Schlottbom
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