EVU XXIII 2014-08 Event Data Recorder – Definition, General Status, Requirements, Benefit/Cost Assessment

Erwin Petersen
German Road Safety Association of Lower Saxony


(Accident) Event Data Recorders (EDR) are becoming mandatory for light vehicles in the US market. In Europe accident data recorder and “crash recorders” (UDS,EDR, ..) have been in use for many years, but so far merely for various projects and applications in low quantities. The EU Commission and Parliament are considering mandatory fitting of EDR at least for certain vehicle categories. Road safety related organizations, e.g. DVR, are preparing their position and recommendations. Several experts, e.g. Kast, Burg, Steiner or of Continental, have reported on UDS/EDR items at former EVU Congresses or published on other occasions. This paper reviews such data recorder technologies and presents an overview of formal activities and positions in the EDR field and, in addition, methodology and results of a new cost/benefit assessment of EDR for on-road motor vehicles, differentiated by vehicle categories. The assessment is based on German vehicle population, accident and accident cost data, accident reductions by EDR (“VERONICA type”), cost of EDR equipment (OEM type), additional costs and benefits for accident analysis and other users of EDR data. In spite of “conservative” parameter settings and “halved” accident costs within the considered period 2015 into 2032, the assessment shows significant economic net-benefits of more than two billion euros in the ramp-up phase and of 350 milion euros in the first “Full – Year” – valid  for mandatory EDR application to all motor vehicles  in Germany. The corresponding benefit/cost-ratio is higher than five and for each vehicle category  at least higher than four. Both for buses and heavy trucks (> 7.5 t GGM) the benefit/cost-ratio is several times higher than for light trucks, motorbikes and cars. According to this study the mandatory application of EDR is significantly cost-effective for all motor vehicles, especially for heavy trucks and buses.

AutoreErwin Petersen German Road Safety Association of Lower Saxony
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