EVU XXIV 2015-12 Kolla – Virtual human body model for PC-Crash

Virtual human body model for PC-Crash
Eduard Kolla
Pavol Kohút


Multibody system (MB) is part of PC-Crash simulation software suite from the late 90´s.
One of first applications of MB in PC-Crash was creation of scalable human body.
Standard scalable human body model used in PC-Crash consists of 20 rigid bodies
connected by joints (as of version 10.0 several joint types are available).

This approximation of human body is sufficient if raw kinematics of human body (pedestrian,
cyclist, occupant, etc.) is needed. However, if biofidelic kinematics of human body or its
part is necessary (e.g. as an input for boundary conditions for finite element human head
model), or if basic kinematic and dynamic variables are needed (e.g. biofidelic human
head accelerations and forces as a result of impact between human head and part of
vehicle in case of pedestrian), then creation of more biofidelic human body model is
imperative. The creation and validation of biofidelic 50% human male body model (50%
HMBM) presented in this article is first step in creation of family of biofidelic human body
models for use in biomechanical analysis as a part of accident reconstruction using
PC-Crash software suite.

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AutoreEduard Kolla - Pavol Kohút
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