EVU XXIV 2015-07 Steinmetz – Current status on the safety of coaches

Current Status on the Safety of Coaches
Gregor Steinmetz


Based on statistical data it is shown that the coach is still one of the safest means of
passenger transport on land. This has been achieved by continuously improving vehicle
The integral safety concept developed by Daimler Buses is a holistic approach and
comprises essentially various passive and active safety systems. All the stress-relief,
warning and protection systems which provide for safe driving and offer support in critical
situations contribute to the active safety. The Front Collison Guard, the safety cage and
the restraint systems that protect the passengers in case of a frontal impact or roll-over
ensure passive safety.
The integral safety concept also comprises the rescue operation after an accident by
providing guidelines for rescuers and safety training for coach drivers.

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AutoreGregor Steinmetz
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