EVU XXIV 2015-06 Arnold – Rollover accidents with articulated heavy goods vehicles

Accidents with articulated heavy goods
vehicles with active roll-over prevention
Joerg Arnold


The paper outlines the importance of an interdisciplinary approach when reconstructing
such roll-over accidents, using standard accident reconstruction techniques (trace
evidence on the accident site, on the road surface, damages on the vehicle…), the
recordings of the digital tachygraph (data readout form the mass storage, additional 4 Hz
records if available [s-data files]) and physical laws (accident simulation).
Therefore the exact specifications of the articulated heavy goods vehicle must be known,
especially the weight of the load on the semi-trailer to calculate the centre of mass.
In addition it is shown that the active roll-over prevention systems cannot prevent a rollover,
if the driver approaches a curve with a speed above the roll-over speed limit as any
(technical) intervention will occur too late.

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AutoreJoerg Arnold
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